Do you have an idea? Are you a start-up? Are you early in business development?

Work with us to lead and develop your own small business or consultancy.

We understand how difficult it can be to start out in business and get the required assistance, perhaps you prefer group coaching to 1-1 and don’t have much time to commit that is why this membership has been created with you in mind.

Build yourself and business by joining and learning about the standards needed to lead and elevate in business. We enjoy working with members who are not afraid to expand their knowledge and embrace learning along the way. The Business Club with no frills, just business in mind has no large membership fees – it is the business club that works with one thing in mind – raising standards to generate income and increase profit.

You will be supported by experienced and knowledgeable professionals in their field to raise your standards, improve professionalism, and develop your business. This in turn will improve your performance and you will work more effectively to increase your turnover and profit. Working to complement the services of 1st Life Consultancy Group Business we aim to encompass most of your business needs for the new start up under the one umbrella – whilst we aim to assist all businesses under private sector this membership and model is suitable for developing projects or initiatives in public, corporate and voluntary sectors so book a consultation to discuss your specific requirements.

This membership is ideal for the professional wanting to set up their business but in no rush, with monthly business themes we assist with building your business strategy or model with the relevant sections personalised on a month by month basis. We also work with you the leader and develop your skills as well as knowledge. This is the perfect solution if you have limited time and in no rush.

This remote annual membership includes:

Annual fees are payable and ask about the other payment options available.

As we are constantly evaluating our services, we are happy to consider sponsors, partners or affiliates to work with us to enhance our existing services. So, if you have a service that can add value or enhance the experience of our members then we look forward to hearing from you.

Find out when the next cohort starts by making an enquiry here.

If you have a more urgent requirement to progress your business, then our 1-1 mentoring or coaching may be more suited to your needs.