Whether you’re starting out, scaling up or reviewing services to take a step up to the next level and stay relevant in the market, the result you get is growth. If you need to leap forward or take a backwards step to re-organise first, you are guided through the changes you need to make. We can review your purpose and finances to direct the way whilst working with you or your leadership team. We show you how to work efficiently and effectively using SMART systems and agile techniques.

business development

Ideal for those in need of some additional support.

business development

Whether it’s your purpose business model, planning , or service offer and costs that need to be developed or reviewed we can assist. We can assist you with a strategy to move your business forward, develop the necessary timescales and resources necessary for delivery and implement monitoring and tracking to evaluate success. We use agile methods to assist you.

financial advice

Ideal for those looking to revise their finances.

Financial Advice

Financial planning, Profit and Loss ( P&L) revenue, profit, forecasts and projections we can break it down in simple steps and leave you jargon free and moving ahead with your finances and cashflow with weekly tracking. Whether you need to undertake a midterm financial review or manage your spending we can make this programme bespoke to you with specialist financial advice provided.

Start ups

Ideal for those at idea stage, in set up stage or in the first 2 years of trading.

start ups

We offer a bespoke business basics 1-1 programme covering the fundamentals, purpose, finance, marketing, delivery, service offer planning over 3-6 or 9 months. We also provide shorter programmes or consultancy advice and support to cover specific areas in need of further development or review. You can also take advantage of our Start Up monthly Group coaching through the business club membership depending what stage you are at with your business journey.

  • The Business Coach’s practical guidance for setting up my own business was nothing short of gold dust in my opinion. I am now running my own business from a commercial unit minutes away from where I live and doing very nicely.

    Mr. P Hudson

    Streatham, UK
  • The Business coaching at 1st Life Group is direct and so easy to understand. It makes the entire so called gurus and experts in this field look like overpriced nutters!

    Mr. I Thomas

    Whitton, UK
  • We had a coaching session, then a meal and my business life changed, what greater recommendation can I give? The chance to bounce ideas with her, talk things through in a safe but stretching space- it allowed me to make the changes necessary to move my business forward. Toni is funny, friendly and an expert at what she does. Don’t baulk at the price, this level of expertise is valuable, if you want diamonds you can’t expect to pay Poundland prices! I love working with her… you will too

    Diana Osagie

    United Kingdom