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The Community Hub is an annual membership to support Directors, C Suite and Leaders to navigate Change, Transformation and Compassionate Leadership in your organisations. A space where you can be supported by specialists, receive expert advice on your unique challenges and have your questions answered by professionals established in their fields. As we are trying to empower more women in these roles, this membership includes a unique offer for women only. This is everything you need for capacity building and CPD to ensure your are appropriately supported.

Annual memberships include:

Monthly Roundtable Event

12 Virtual Meetings

With the monthly members-only roundtable meetings, you will receive specialist advice on your challenges from our panel of specialists. Topic-based discussion and a place you can get additional support and have your questions answered. 1½ hours monthly with additional 30min exclusive for women only.
(Includes 30min Q&A)

Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

Packed with resources, and crucial reading you will receive this monthly newsletter in between meetings to keep you informed of any relevant information, initiatives, campaigns or updates for you and your team. This enables you to stay focused on your work and your clients and not worry about missing crucial information.

Monthly 1-1 Consultation

Monthly 1-1 Consultation

Included in this membership you will receive monthly complimentary 15min consultations. This will enable you to get sufficient and relevant bespoke advice for your business to aid you on your leadership journey as well as identify any priority areas of need. Subsequent consultations are chargeable at favourable membership rates.

This unique membership gives you up to 24 hours of group time, 3 hours of bespoke 1-1 to you plus relevant updates.
As we want to make this service accessible to all the introductory annual membership offer for your first year is £990 or £99 monthly.
It also includes preferential rates on other services: e.g. 20% discount on policy updates, training, audits.

The monthly roundtable event takes place on the first Friday of every month 11am – 12:30pm BST (Women only: 11am – 11:30am BST).
Annual rolling memberships are available so contact us to get registered.

Business Growth Mike Vacanti - USA

"There is a gap between vision and execution in most businesses, institutions, start-ups, and social programs. Toni bridges this gap. She is an extraordinary person with exception skills. She is consistent and constant in her values and presence. Toni moves the ball forward in all endeavours, she is professional, and mission driven. Leading through crisis and change is a unique, exceptional skill set, created through depth of experience, constant learning and wise grounding in ethics and values. Toni is so solid. She knows who she is and helps so many see the path ahead and plan the necessary steps forward. Toni has vision combined with understanding and the business chops to advise, teach and deliver. Toni is an all-star facilitator, strategist, and critical friend. We all need some of Toni's magic in our lives."