Leading an organisation for growth or to overcome a crisis? Let us help you transform your situation. Hand-holding you and your people to your ideal destination. Typical projects can include change management, feasibility studies, service reviews or planning for business continuity.

Compliance and regulatory

Do you have a compliance need or inspection pending?

Compliance and regulatory

Perhaps you are needing support with obtaining charitable status, an audit, inspection or regulatory requirement. We can assist you with your planning delivery due diligence and implementation of whats required in your sector.


Ideal if you are in need some longer term support or have a short term project.


If ongoing weekly support is required or ad hoc, interim or retained services we can work with you on a bespoke arrangement once needs are assessed. Typical services include ongoing quality assurance audits, annual policy reviews.

Business Turnaround

Do you have an urgent business need to save the service or business?

Business Turnaround

We can assist you with the right plan for business salvation, or identify and assist you deliver on action that needs to be taken to get the business moving in the right direction. Why waste more time if time is not on your side.

  • They helped me prepare for an interview, and to be quite honest, without their help, I really don’t think I would have gotten the job. They are extremely good at motivating people and they certainly gave me the confidence that I lacked.

    Miss. L. Dwyer

    London, UK
  • I was experiencing extreme discomfort at work and being overlooked in promotion opportunities. I had 4 sessions at 1st Life Group and now i’m confident, strong in myself and have taken my company on with considerable success.

    Mrs R.J

    Ilford, UK
  • I found a fantastic new job that is so much better for me and pays much better too. The techniques they taught me have transformed my life. I can cope with the pressures of the job much more effectively. I feel as if I like myself now.

    Miss. L. Hicks

    Gloucester, UK