Due to her strategic expertise and guidance, within one week of me implementing the plan mapped out by Toni, my business soared, and I am so grateful!

Toni provided excellent constructive feedback on a funding proposal for an organisation she has been instrumental in supporting the CEO to build up from the ground.

Toni is a consummate professional, driven, meticulous, possessing great skill and ability to grasp the essential details of a brief and deliver on time with high quality!

    The chance to bounce ideas with her, talk things through in a safe but stretching space- it allowed me to make the changes necessary to move my business forward.

    The Rhondda Hub for Veterans would like to thank this extremely wonderful lady for all the hard work and time that has been giving to us. An extraordinary Lady.

    I recently spent with time with Toni in her capacity as personal mentor and coach. WOW, what an impact this woman made on me in the space of several hours.

      I found our time totally invaluable and priceless. I would highly recommend you talk to Toni for either personal or business direction.

      Toni is like a whirlwind of ideas and actions to the point where I am inspired and my head spins with excitement.

      I really enjoyed the session. I’m feeling SO good right now and the techniques have transformed my world.

        I had money worries and low self-esteem. The advisors gave me such wonderful advice and practical information I put into place immediately and I have already landed myself a new job.

        I highly recommend Toni McLelland MSc! She has literally helped me scale my business AND a high ROI was achieved within the first month of hiring her! Definitely worth the investment.

        The sessions have been valuable in ways I did not, nor would not have imagined...I have clarity about how to design my world, this has been outstanding and has given me such optimism.

          I was experiencing extreme discomfort at work and being overlooked in promotion opportunities. I had 4 sessions with Robert at 1st Life Management and am not only confident and strong in myself but have taken my company on with considerable success.

          I would like to say a big Thank you to Toni and Rob in regards to my life coaching, I feel that the transformation has improved my confidence and I have a clearer picture of what is important to me. As a result I am finally and taking steps towards achieving my goals.

          If you want a business coach or mentor who will challenge you, offer a listening ear and support you with some laughter along the way, then I would recommend Toni. She is the fairy godmother of the business coaching world spreading her fairy dust with a smile when required.

            I am amazed at the level of clarity and positivity I have experienced since my sessions with 1st Life Management. The value for money is undoubtedly good but moreover is the exceptional after care and quality of provision of coaching.

            I have been working with Toni on and off for over a year now. In that time, she has helped me so much to realign my life, believe in myself and guide me on a path to achieve my professional goals and develop my business.

            Rarely have I encountered a professional as motivated, compassionate, and forward-thinking as Toni. Her solid work ethic, perseverance, integrity, and ability to deliver beyond expectations is beyond reproach.

              My sessions have quite simply changed my life. I used to wake up every day and my first thought would be to just get through it. I now wake up and embrace each day as a gift and I have learned through my sessions how to stop negative thoughts getting in the way of how I want to live my life and achieve my goals.

              The workshops you provided on Sexual Exploitation and Self Defence were hugely informative.  Our pupils were incredibly grateful for the time and effort, you and your organisations made in being involved in the event, they told me they valued the real-life insights and tips, something that is clear to see in their feedback forms. 

              Toni really listens to you, takes a very keen interest in your wants, needs and desires and then somehow manages to come up with a plethora of suggestions and ideas to start you on the road to a re-discovery of yourself and your worth aligned with the practicalities of what you need to do to make it happen. Thank you!

                Toni is a valuable person to have on your side and excels as a critical friend in business.

                Toni is funny, friendly and an expert at what she does. I love working with her... you will too.

                The advice given to me helped to clear-up my financial mess and help me put my life back in order.

                  Couldn't be more pleased! I feel like i got amazing value from my money and felt very confident in the advice i was receiving.

                  I like that they offer follow up services and seem to care about you even after you have stopped paying for the coaching.

                  In the hands of a gifted woman, great things happen”. (Gift Gugu Mona) That is certainly true of Toni McLelland.

                    Wow! I still feel as if I’m in a bubble. I will probably burst out a bit later, just to wake up feeling even MORE strong and powerful. Thank you, you are an angel.

                    The Business coaching at 1st Life Management is direct and so easy to understand. It makes the entire so-called guru's and experts in this field look like overpriced nutters!

                    The Life Coach helped me believe in myself again and the Business Coach's practical guidance for setting up my own business was nothing short of gold dust in my opinion.

                      Her leadership skills are both rare and remarkable, distinguishing Toni from so many other top tier professionals.

                      We had a coaching session, then a meal and my business life changed, what greater recommendation can I give?

                      I have the confidence to be who I am. I am in the process of knowing I can change and HAVE changed, a more positive outlook.