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Need transformation?     • Growth for your business?     • growth for yourself?     • in crisis and need help? 
gain great benefits from any of these sectors:
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Business Development Consultancy

As an existing SME or business with a turnover between £250k and £10 million, we can assist you to maximise revenue and streamline your existing services whilst managing all resources needed.

As a start-up or business trading for less than 2 years we will assist you to define your business model and bring you quickly up to speed, enabling you to seize opportunities.

About us

Whilst we assist a number of organisations, we are specialists in Start Ups and services supporting vulnerable groups, children and young people, criminal justice, education as well as social public interest causes. Diversity equity and inclusion underpins all of our work.

As a middle manager looking to move up into a senior executive role or looking to excel in your leadership capacity, we can assist your development with our bespoke, goal-oriented and purpose driven programmes.

Personal Development Consultancy

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We have a number of initiatives, bespoke programmes and memberships to suit your needs.

Professional Development Consultancy

However troubled the waters are or when you urgently need to change course in business, we are there to assist. 

We work with you, taking a pragmatic approach to find timely solutions to resolve your challenges in stormy times. 

We work strategically with your business, including crisis and change management and restructuring.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) underpin everything we do.

We can assist you to embed DEI in your organisation and make it an intrinsic part of your ethos.

With a solid reputation and substantial strategic experience in criminal justice, education and care, we have a good understanding of services provided for vulnerable groups.


Our Happy Clients!

  • The Business Coach’s practical guidance for setting up my own business was nothing short of gold dust in my opinion. I am now running my own business from a commercial unit minutes away from where I live and doing very nicely.

    Mr. P. Hudson

    Streatham, UK
  • I am in the process of knowing I can change and HAVE changed. I have a more positive outlook, even when things aren’t going great. I have a new job which has brought new people with positivity and integrity and kindness into my life.

    Mrs. W. P

    Wembley, UK
  • The sessions have been valuable in ways I did not, nor could have imagined, I have clarity about how to design my world. This has been outstanding and has given me such optimism, masses of positive changes.

    Mrs. S.T

    Hereford, UK
  • They helped me prepare for an interview, and to be quite honest, without their help, I really don’t think I would have gotten the job. They are extremely good at motivating people and they certainly gave me the confidence that I lacked.

    Miss. L. Dwyer

    London, UK
  • The Business coaching at 1st Life Group is direct and so easy to understand. It makes the entire so called gurus and experts in this field look like overpriced nutters!

    Mr. I. Thomas

    Whitton, UK
  • The results speak for themselves. I was stuck in a rut, on sick leave, and prescribed pills for depression. After four sessions I was back to work and off the pills. Within 3 months I had been promoted. I could not be happier.

    Mrs. D. Wargen

    Kingston, UK
  • I was experiencing extreme discomfort at work and being overlooked in promotion opportunities. I had 4 sessions at 1st Life Group and now i’m confident, strong in myself and have taken my company on with considerable success.

    Mrs R.J

    Ilford, UK
  • I found a fantastic new job that is so much better for me and pays much better too. The techniques they taught me have transformed my life. I can cope with the pressures of the job much more effectively. I feel as if I like myself now.

    Miss. L. Hicks

    Gloucester, UK
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