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The Community Hub ‘Power Hour’ is an annual membership to support you with your business growth. Consider it as Continued Professional Development ( CPD)to enhance your business leadership. A space where you can be supported by the community, network and receive expert advice on your unique challenges led by Toni . As we are trying to empower you in your role this membership includes a unique offer for founding members ( ask us about this unique offer). This is everything you need for capacity building and CPD to ensure you are appropriately supported.

  • Community Building – We weave the threads of connection, uniting individuals and organisations to create an inclusive community, sprinkled with #TonisFairyDust
  • Empowering Change – Our mission is to empower you with the tools and knowledge to become a change catalyst in your life, organisation, and community. Unlock your potential with the guidance and a touch of the Queen of compassion
  • Accessibility and Affordability – We believe in breaking down barriers so everyone can have access to resources
  • Inclusivity and Diversity – Diversity is our strength. We celebrate differences and recognise that true innovation and progress emerge from diverse perspectives. We promote DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging) as a fundamental pillar of sustainable change. Our community is a tapestry of unique voices and experiences, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

Annual memberships include:

Weekly Discussion


Participate in 52 weekly topical discussions .

30 Minute 1-1s


Benefit from a 6 monthly, 30-minute 1-1 consultation with Toni to see how she can assist you with networking, introductions, etc or specific specialist advice to grow your business.

Global Networking


A fantastic opportunity to network and be introduced to others across the globe.

Wait, there's More…

  • Belong as part of a community
  • Receive support to lead your own discussion of interest
  • Discounted member rates on 1st Life Group events and all our services
  • Monthly newsletter packed with useful information and opportunities
  • Opportunity to present to others on the call (subject to discretion)
  • Thought leadership from Toni on topics that matter and of public interest

Additional opportunities to join Toni on LinkedIn Live or as an audio room speaker and other opportunities as they present (subject to discretion). As we want to make this service accessible to all, the introductory annual membership offer for your first year is £499.00 with a unique offer for limited founding members.

The weekly event takes place on Mondays 3pm-4pm BST/GMT online by Zoom.

Annual rolling memberships and instalment plans are available so contact us to secure your place. If you need more information, find out more here.

See our terms and conditions here.

Business Growth Mike Vacanti - USA

"There is a gap between vision and execution in most businesses, institutions, start-ups, and social programs. Toni bridges this gap. She is an extraordinary person with exception skills. She is consistent and constant in her values and presence. Toni moves the ball forward in all endeavours, she is professional, and mission driven. Leading through crisis and change is a unique, exceptional skill set, created through depth of experience, constant learning and wise grounding in ethics and values. Toni is so solid. She knows who she is and helps so many see the path ahead and plan the necessary steps forward. Toni has vision combined with understanding and the business chops to advise, teach and deliver. Toni is an all-star facilitator, strategist, and critical friend. We all need some of Toni's magic in our lives."