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Whether it’s team or individual executive development, we have a handful of set training programmes to develop your executive teams and board members. Committed to the 4P’s – Purpose, People, Planet & Profit (or Performance pending company status), our training has been designed with your strategic needs in mind.

Challenges addressed in our training include:

  • Safeguarding governance and keeping clients and staff safe
  • Balancing a profitable business with people centred approaches
  • Creating inclusive workplaces
  • Futureproofing with compassion

Previous work has included:

  • Compassion – Development of new corporate teams with emerging leaders
  • Diversity – Developing and delivering diversity training for the Metropolitan Police as part of the Stephen Lawrence Macpherson inquiry
  • Safeguarding – Supporting boards with their strategic safeguarding practices and governance for subsidiary companies

Organisations that have undertaken training with us have improved their awareness in these areas, kept up to date with legislation and able to pass crucial regulation visits to increase business. They have reduced safeguarding by 20% within the 2nd month by introducing quality assurance and tracking measuring the effectiveness of their systems. An organisation also improved their staff retention by 20%. Understand your own development needs and how to identify and support the needs of staff with ongoing support in Compassion, DEIB and Safeguarding.

If you’d like more information on programmes we provide for organisations like yours, please book a consultation with Toni

DEIB • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

A Deloitte study found that DEIB can increase competitive advantage by 46%, more accurate decision making by 40%, 34% increase in financial performance, and boost employee engagement, breeding cutting-edge innovation.

Our DEIB programme includes reviewing values, mission and vision, quality assurance, equality audits, workplace adjustments and practices, as well as inclusive workplaces.

Compassionate Business & Leadership

[Harvard Business Review] Of the over 1,000 leaders we surveyed, 91% said compassion is very important for leadership, and 80% would like to enhance their compassion but do not know how. Compassion is clearly a hugely overlooked skill in leadership training.

The good news is you don't have to choose between Compassionate Business or Leadership you can ‘pick & mix’ to choose the modules best suited to your organisation.

Safeguarding for Governance

Safeguarding and compliance go hand in hand when working in this area with vulnerable groups.

With the ongoing legislative updates and changing requirements of leaders we can assist you with our DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead) training as well as specialist trauma informed programmes to help you with your board governance and compliance.

The Compassionate Business Programme is a unique offering developed by Toni McLelland

The definition of Compassionate Leadership is “An intuitive, heart-led action-oriented approach that builds real human connection and outcomes, not only for the individual but for the organisation & culture” – Toni McLelland
The Compassionate Business is “An organisation that takes positive action for sustainable development and has purpose values and people at the core of its foundation.”
For the Compassionate Business Programme – Our work is underpinned by the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, we will show you how this works in your organisation and the benefits.
Individual Professional Growth Shelley Aldred

"Toni will turn you inside-out, make you look at yourself from unfamiliar perspectives and then summarise you in a way you might not recognise at first, but she is prospecting for gold - and finds it where others fail to dig! Thank you, Toni."

Individual Professional Growth Lorna Ponambalum

"In the hands of a gifted woman, great things happen”. (Gift Gugu Mona) That is certainly true of Toni McLelland. I have been working with Toni on and off for over a year now. In that time, she has helped me so much to realign my life, believe in myself and guide me on a path to achieve my professional goals and develop my business. Toni is like a whirlwind of ideas and actions to the point where I am inspired and my head spins with excitement. If you want a business coach or mentor who will challenge you, offer a listening ear and support you with some laughter along the way, then I would recommend Toni. She is the fairy godmother of the business coaching world spreading her fairy dust with a smile when required."

Individual Professional Growth K.S - Norwood, London

"I would like to say a big Thank you to yourself and Rob with regards to my life coaching, I feel that the transformation has improved my confidence and I have a clearer picture of what is important to me and, as a result I am finally and taking steps towards achieving my goals."

Individual Professional Growth Jo Phillips

"I recently spent with time with Toni in her capacity as personal mentor and coach. WOW, what an impact this woman made on me in the space of several hours. Toni really listens to you, takes a very keen interest in your wants, needs and desires and then somehow manages to come up with a plethora of suggestions and ideas to start you on the road to a re-discovery of yourself and your worth aligned with the practicalities of what you need to do to make it happen. I found our time totally invaluable and priceless. I would highly recommend you talk to Toni for either personal or business direction. The coaching I received was of exceptionally quality and integrity."