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A social entrepreneur is someone interested in starting a business for the greater social good and not just in pursuit of profit.

Whether you need to talk through a new business idea or develop a concept, we can help. Our bespoke 1:1 business programme covers the fundamentals: purpose, finance, marketing, delivery, service offer and planning. You can also take advantage of our monthly group coaching sessions and the Multi-Disciplinary Safeguarding Hub.

We can provide coaching and mentoring with specialist advice and support for specific areas of business development. We’ll support you every step of the way to get up and running the right way, clearly defining your purpose and embedding sustainable practices into your processes at the start.

Recurring challenges for startups include:

  • Understanding the best status for your company (CIC Community Interest Company, Charity, Limited, etc)
  • Development of business acumen
  • Not being clear about mission vision and purpose
  • Understanding finances
  • Having the right policies and guidance in place for compliance to start your business
  • Value proposition – how are you bringing value to your clients
  • Costing and pricing your services – we will show you how as a leader of a good cause you can be financially rewarded for your efforts
  • Funding or revenue streams – this can be dependent on the status of your business
  • Identifying and attracting your ideal client
  • Setting up a pilot or proof of concept
Change your life today!

1:1 Bespoke

This introductory 12-hour 1-1 programme is bespoke and personalised for your business. This is to ensure you get the right support to propel you and your business forward and set you on your way. Schedule the time to work at your own pace weekly or fortnightly to suit.

Includes: the business fundamentals - purpose, finance tracking, service offer, client identification, marketing, delivery, service offer and planning.

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The Start Up Hub Membership

Remote group coaching in person with Toni and takes place for 60 minutes weekly.

Come along to share experiences and get expert assistance and support to structure and shape your business model. This package includes templates and quarterly bespoke 30-minute 1-1's.

Takes place on Fridays 3-4pm GMT

Additional specific benefits included.

Get your personalised #tonisfairydust here.

£1500 annual subscription

The Safeguarding Hub Membership

This is a multi-disciplinary Hub with various and specialist disciplines coming together to share practices on safeguarding and to be kept updated on any legislative changes.

Meetings are held monthly for 90 minutes, and this membership includes group multidisciplinary supervision, monthly newsletters, opportunity to share good practice, information on specialist subjects and legislation updates.

Meetings take place first Tuesday of every month 7-8:30pm GMT.

£560 annual subscription

One start-up we helped was failing. Cashflow was sporadic and money management wasn’t great. Our client went from 4 months in arrears, not being able to pay the rent to 110k turnover in only 8 months. See more case studies here.

With the use of Toni’s BLEND model we can identify and unlock those areas for further development to set you on your way.

Navigating Change & Crisis Ian Carter

"I had the pleasure of working with Toni at a time when I was going through a change management process in a previous role. Having grasped the brief, I was impressed by Toni's initial approach to facilitating an away day for me and my team, and when the away day was delivered Toni engaged the entire team and I saw the morning as a success. Whilst having some fun elements to the day, because of her approach, Toni was able to cut through the tension and identify the underlying issues. It wasn't just me that was impressed with Toni's approach, the team were too and without exception they found the day to be useful. Following the away day Toni provided clear and professional feedback which I was able to utilise to help support change."