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Multi-agency Safeguarding for DSLs (Designated Safeguarding Leads) – What you need to know

Multi-agency Safeguarding for DSL’s (Designated Safeguarding Leads)

With all the changes that are taking place it is good to look at your safeguarding policy checklist and safeguarding procedure.

Legislation & guidance updates from 1st Life Group Associate Lorna Ponambalum.

The safeguarding checklist outlines key sections that should be included in an organisation’s child protection/safeguarding policy which are as follows:

• Policy Statement
• Recruitment and selection
• Training and induction
• Staff responsibilities
• Reporting procedures
• Useful contacts
• Other points to note

The main statutory guidance for all agencies working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children – Working Together 2018 was re-published on 9th December 2020.

Key themes to highlight in the revised document include the following:
• Definition of safeguarding and promoting welfare of children has been revised so that it is in line with Keeping Children Safe in Education.
• References to domestic abuse have been reinforced throughout the guidance with clear repeated reference to controlling and coercive behaviour
• New definition of Domestic abuse and coercive and controlling behaviour can be found in the glossary
• The term Contextual safeguarding is described as a risk outside the home and emphasises the threat to young people of teenage relationship abuse
• Raising awareness of the needs of families when there is a parent or child in custody or when a child is in an inpatient mental health setting is highlighted
• Mental health issues are described as a possible indicator of abuse and neglect
• Work Together emphasises that school staff of best placed to observe and act upon early signs of abuse
• When referring to services consent should now be more closely aligned to the GDPR approach. It would need to be true consent in the meaning of the regulations. It is worth reviewing what is understood about consent
• There is a new homelessness duty section requiring a referral (with consent) to housing services where there is a risk of homelessness
• There is also a new section on notifications of serious incident, rapid review and local child safeguarding practice review on page 96 of the guidance
The updated guidance can be found in the link below:


Lorna Ponambalum
1st Life Group Safeguarding Lead